In a faraway land, named Yarnton, lives three tiny creatures with big knitting dreams.

Yarnton is solely made up of coteries, or families, each gifted with a unique knitting style. The head knitters, Nova Spider, Quincy Bear, and Ellington Weasel, work day and night to create brilliant yarns, structured knitwear, and designs for humans around the globe.  

Each head knitter is looking for talented textile artists to join their coterie. Read on to learn more about the head of each one. Then, choose the guide that represents your style the most. With each yarn purchase from the Super Fine Yarn Co. shop, you’ll receive a gift from your knitting coterie’s head knitter to remind you that they care. Don't forget to add the name of your head knitter in the notes field at checkout to receive your first gift!




Nova, a spunky little spider, loves to spin yarn. A storyteller by nature, Nova becomes easily distracted by the vibrant world around her. She finds spinning yarn to be a relaxing retreat from her racing mind.

“Watching the spinning wheel twist my yarn into unique creations is the only form of meditation I’ll ever need,” she thinks, laughing to herself as she creates yet another colorful yarn pattern filled with sequins and glittery textiles. Her oddly stunning creations have become a carbon copy of her likably mischievous nature.

Once she spins the yarn to her liking, Nova will make a shawl. Shawls have become her knitting specialty because of her tendency to wing it—a brain moving a thousand miles a minute doesn’t bode well for formal knitting patterns. Shawls, she’s come to learn, are perfect for her creative needs; no matter the shape she creates, the shawl will become a beautiful garment for those who love a fashionably comfy vibe.







Quincy Bear is a reserved creature of habit. Though she has tried her hand at many forms of fiber art, Quincy’s introverted personality continuously seeks comfort in knitting structured designs like socks and sweaters.  

The docile bear doesn’t feel like she’s fully relaxed unless she’s quietly knitting at home.  Though some may call them plain, socks and sweaters take patience and a whole lot of skill to create and Quincy is the perfect creature for the job. She cannot be bothered by distractions, like other knitters she knows. 

“I’ll finish them one day,” she murmurs to herself as she rummages through her unfinished projects to find the perfect hue to add to her latest creation. At any given time, Quincy is “working” on several projects, each a blend of modest tones like blue and gray. 

“Ah ha! That’s the one!” she proudly exclaims as she pulls out a neutral-toned skein; She knows the hue will be perfect for her project, even if others prefer more vibrant shades. Without the help of a pattern, Quincy aims to knit a timeless collection of scarves before the next holiday season.  






Ellington Weasel is one of a kind. She dresses impeccably from head to toe, often in her own designs, and takes her job as Master of the Head Knitters quite seriously. She is extremely particular and dedicated to her craft. For example, after exactly one month of trying to find a knitting pattern to meet her needs, Ellington gave up. 

“The only way I’ll find the perfect pattern is if I write it myself!” she exclaimed. And so, she did.

The trickiness of technical writing remains a breath of fresh air for Ellington, though she often stays up until the crack of dawn calculating equations to get her measurements just right. Her math must be as exact as a knitter’s needle, which she still picks up from time to time. 

Ellington secretly finds knitting intricate sweater patterns full of vibrant colors to be as soothing as designing them. Upon the completion of each design, she methodically creates a gauge swatch to test the accuracy of her own work; In order for any knitter to create a masterpiece out of her pattern, it must be flawlessly adaptable to a variety of sizes. Then, she takes her time completing each design, one at a time, until she is satisfied with her success. 

“Every pattern I create is a best seller,” she claims. She isn’t wrong. Ellington’s particularity has won her many fans throughout the years. Her goal is to teach other knitters how to follow in her path.